Are You Looking for a Great Wedding Venue to Celebrate Your Love?

Australia was one of the most recent countries to legalise same-sex marriage. It was an important milestone in Australia’s history, not least of all because it marks the point at which same-sex couples, both men and women, were able to legally tie the knot in their own country. Before this, same-sex couples had to travel overseas to get married or make do with a civil union here in their own country.

The Importance of Same-Sex Marriage

There is no doubt that this fundamental change to the marriage act paves the way for greater levels of egalitarianism and equality in Australia. Insofar as Australia is part of the global stage, it also means that the world as a whole is becoming more accepting of gay couples and their love for each other. Indeed, the legalisation of same-sex marriage means that gay couples, both men and women, are recognised by the state as having the same rights as straight couples.

Culturally, it marks the end of an era of discrimination against same-sex couples in this country. Despite the fact that we still have some way to travel along the road of equality, same-sex marriage symbolises an important shift on our thinking about other people and their rights.

Celebrating Love

Given just how many gay couples have been waiting for a very long time to tie the knot and celebrate their love for one another, there has been something of a rush to organise wedding venues. For many wedding venues that have made the most of this opportunity, their capacity to offer service to couples has increased overnight!

So, what should a loving same-sex couple look for in terms of a gay wedding venue in Sydney? Consider the following must-haves for the perfect wedding venue:

  • Professionalism: First and foremost, a wedding venue in 2018 needs to nurture an inclusive attitude to gay couples and their love. They need to treat everyone with respect and ultimate professionalism. This not only means embracing the shift in Australia’s thinking on same-sex marriage but also a respect for every person within their venue and their needs, including honest and up-front communication. Gay couples have been waiting long enough to get married so there is no point in booking a venue where their needs are not top priority.
  • Atmosphere: One can certainly get married almost anywhere but wouldn’t it be great to tie the knot in a venue with a long, established history? Ideally, it would be a venue that is grand, comfortable, warm, beautiful, and steeped in cultural history.

So many Aussies have embraced same-sex couples and their struggle to seek equality with straight couples in the context of marriage. It only makes good sense then that a gay couple should also seek out a wedding venue that is equal to their love for each other in terms of atmosphere, warmth, comfort, and professionalism.