Getting Married, 3 Things To Remember On The Big Day

Getting married is one of the biggest steps in life that one can take. It is a life changing decision that can come with a mixture of emotions from panic to fear, anxiety or just pure undiluted excitement. Of course the big day is not always short of unexpected events. Most brides, and grooms, look back in hindsight and think of the things that went wrong on that day that they could have helped, and there is always something.

Of all the mishaps that may befall you on your wedding day, you shouldn’t forget these 3 things ever or your wedding might just end up no happening.

  1. Eat and drink something in the morning

This may sound strange for someone who is probably going through all sorts of emotions thanks to the importance of the day ahead of them but you will really need to eat something and have a drink to stay hydrated throughout the day. You may never be sure of who will be late and delay the entire day and how long it will be before you get another meal apart from the festivities at the reception. Having a full stomach will give you the energy to get through the day and also keep you settled as your brain will take it as you cannot be eating while in danger thus some of your anxiety will go away. You will also avoid the embarrassment of collapsing from hunger at your own wedding.

  1. Wedding licence/ rings

A wedding is a legally binding ceremony that is required by law to have a licence to be valid. Forgetting to process the licence in advance, misplacing it in the hustle and bustle of the actual day or forgetting it somewhere may land you in serious trouble. The licence being the legal document that shows that the wedding is valid should never be forgotten, ever. The same goes for wedding rings. They may seem obvious but some people forget the smallest things in the hassle to get to the wedding.

  1. Delegate, relax and enjoy

This is never stressed enough. As a couple, you will have family and friends milling around to celebrate your big day with you. You don’t have to be all over catering to them and making sure that they are all comfortable. Delegate such duties to someone trustworthy and enjoy every minute of the day you planned. Most couples find themselves worrying about many things instead of just soaking in their day and enjoying it to the maximum. Getting a wedding planner for instance to handle the nitty-gritty’s of the event will help you relax and enjoy the food, the music and the dancing

Worry and anxiety will creep in on your big day; there is no guarantee they won’t. You will however need to breathe and let everything else go. That is the only way to enjoy your own wedding and not just go through the motions. Also, keep time. It will save you the worry.