Ideas for a unique and truly photogenic wedding cake

One of the things that fascinates guests attending a wedding reception is the cake. While the food and decor are important to the event, the cake seems to set the tone. Today’s couples want to take creativity to the limit on wedding cakes in efforts to set their day apart from everyone else.

Cakes make for beautiful pictures and become a centrepiece when the traditional cake cutting festivities began. There are plenty of choices for both the traditional and offbeat reception.

Traditional Cakes

These can be small or large, depending on your guest list. The ultimate traditional cake has all decorations in white icing, but those can be super fancy like roses, scrolling, stripes and dots. Most couples now choose the wedding colour for the decorative items. Some even use multiple colours making for a picture that pops!

Whimsical Cakes

This is one of the hottest trends today and works well for those seeking a fairy tale wedding. This cake has off-centre layers with the only icing located in between. It can be decorated with flowers from the florist, fruit or even candy! The unusual configuration of the layers and colourful additions like flowers and candy make this a wonderful cake for pictures.

Naked Cakes

Naked cakes are one of the biggest sellers on the market. For those who don’t understand the naked cake concept, this is a cake with no icing. They come in the forms of standard cakes and pound cakes. Typically, the decorations on them are edible items such as fruit and that makes them a lovely choice for your wedding photographer to take some snaps of.

Tiered Cakes

There are two types of tiered cakes. The classic version are cake layers separated by things like white columns, flowers, even a water fountain! These are extravagant confectioneries that are impressive in pictures. The extra items and labour putting it together cost more, but the effect is memorable.

The second type of tiered cake is more modern with floating layers. In this variation, the cake layers sit on glass tiers, so they appear to be floating at various levels. Many couples use this design as an opportunity to have several types of cake flavours available to guests.

Couples are no longer bound to choose a specific cake, so they can focus on style and cost. There are many cake designers offering a variety of styles that will make your wedding reception picture perfect!