Why Flowers Can Really Make a Wedding Day Special

Did you know that the marriage of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria really made it fashionable to have flowers at a wedding? Their royal union was so popular in its day that everyone wanted to try to copy aspects of the wedding ceremony in their own unions. Flowers might have been used for events before this time but by featuring flowers at their own wedding, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert made them hugely popular among regular folk. To this day, flowers are popular in weddings!

The Importance of Flowers in Your Wedding

If you have an upcoming wedding, the good news is that there are specialists in wedding floral decorations in Brisbane. So, why are flowers so important in weddings? Consider the following:

  • Fertility: Since prehistoric times, humans have been obsessed with fertility and its importance to society. Freshly cut flowers at a wedding are a symbol of fertility and signal that everyone is wishing the happy couple prosperity.
  • Beauty: The colour and nature of fresh-cut flowers that have been carefully arranged into table decorations, bouquets, and bunches provides great beauty to the occasion and marks it as a special event.

Arranging Flowers for Your Special Day

Organising everything for a wedding day can be a tiresome process. The initial excitement can wear off and become one long list of things to do that seem to have little to do with each other until they all come together on the big day. So, what are the benefits of going to a flower specialist to arrange your flowers for the big day? Consider the following:

  • Meeting: Organising a wedding is a big deal and it can be truly exhausting and stressful. When you book a special wedding consultation with a business that specialises in flowers, you get to sit down and discuss all of your requirements. This means that you can really visualise what you need in comfort and listen to the expert advice of flower specialists who can apply their own experience in these matters.
  • Single Source: Are you sick and tired of trying to organise your wedding flowers through multiple sources? Organising a special wedding consultation with a single floral designer means that you have one source for all of your flower needs. This can seriously cut down on the amount of stress and exhaustion when it comes to arranging everything for the wedding!

Make it a Day to Remember

Every bride wants her wedding day to be truly memorable and enjoyable for everyone. A big part of this is beautiful flowers and floral table decorations that really symbolise the pageantry of the occasion to everyone who attends.